La Tauromaquia o arte de torear

Book with 27 illustrations total: 1 drypoint and 26 sugar lift aquatint and spit bite aquatint on Guarro wove paper watermarked with a bull’s head designed by the artist; loose in greenish wrappers; parchment-covered protective boards with gilt lettering on the spine; half-parchment slipcase with yellow cloth covers.

Artist: Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973). Author: José Delgado alias Pepe Illo (Spanish, 1754-1801). Printers: Talleres de la Sociedad Alianza de Artes Gráficas (S.A.D.A.), Talleres de Jaume Pla (Spanish), Atelier Lacourière (French). Published by: Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.A./Ediciones de la Cometa (Spanish), 1959.

Gift of the Reva and David Logan Foundation.

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