Dada, Surrealism, War and its Aftermath 1935-1955

The Artists’ books in this gallery reflect the creativity and optimism of publishers, such as Ambroise Vollard, Albert Skira, and Tériade who, both before and after World War II, created ambitious and complex volumes with some of the greatest artists of the era. In contrast, however, the content of a number of books reflects the period of the 1930s and 1940s as a time of economic depression and a world war, followed by an uneasy peace. The variety of materials used in the construction of the books, from the simplest pamphlet clandestinely made in Paris under the occupying noses of the Nazis to luxurious volumes where no expense was spared, display their individuality and idiosyncratic nature during this period.

Recherche de la pureté by Jean Giono

Book with 21 engravings, suite with 25 engravings and 1 original graphite drawing all on Rives Ivoire wove paper and bound into the book.

Ballets - Minute by Pierre Le Cuire

Book with 20 etchings on BFK Rives wove paper; loose in wrappers with lettering on front, covered by a soft jacket with a color illustration.

Theogonie (Theogony) by Hesiode

Book with 18 etchings and 3 photogravures on Auvergne a la main paper, cover is a color etching that has been varnished in the center panel.

Le Poéme de l'angle droit by Charles Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier)

Book with 127 lithographs (some color) on Arches wove paper; loose in wrappers with lithograph on cover; protective boards covered with paper.

Parler seul by Tristan Tzara

Book with 72 lithographs (some color) on Malacca pur chiffon paper; loose in wrappers, cover with collage; protective boards covered with paper.

The Surrealism Gallery

A portrait of Ambroise Vollard,  behind a stack of books

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